Motorcraft® Fuel Pumps

Motorcraft® electric fuel pumps are built with the knowledge and experience that only comes from being the original equipment (OE) manufacturer. Product highlights include:

  • Same fuel pumps installed during vehicle production
  • Latest engineering enhancements are incorporated
  • Hot fuel handling capabilities translate into consistent performance
  • Optimal check-valve design and outlet fitting configurations are utilized to meet specific vehicle applications
  • Accurate fuel gauge readings are the result of vehicle-specific designs
  • Before they are shipped, fuel pumps are 100-percent flow-tested
  • Units come as complete assemblies for easier, faster installation

Motorcraft® fuel pumps – the only fuel pumps recommended by Ford. Highlights include:

  • Application-Specific Fuel Level Sensor 
    Provides accurate fuel gauge readings
  • Efficient Single-Stage Turbine 
    Delivers application-specific flow rate and pressure
  • Precision-Balanced Armature 
    Designed to reduce noise and vibration
  • OE Connectors 
    Provide positive electrical connections