Tune in to tune up your auto repair business.

Motorcraft® parts are premium replacement parts designed, engineered and recommended for Ford and Lincoln vehicles. In the curated collection of podcast and video episodes below, learn about the advantages of Motorcraft through first-hand experiences and everyday applications.


Changing Customer Expectations

What effect has the pandemic had on customer expectations? In this episode, host Chris Czmyrid and guests provide a big-picture view, insights from the field and a great recipe for customer service. Plus hear an insider’s take on building Bronco® SUV off-road courses along the way.


Building Customer Loyalty

Mastering the 80/20 rule. Having customers lined up for all the right reasons. In this episode, get useful takes on the topic of retention from a Ford marketing leader and a thriving shop owner. Then join us for a quick spin with big-time movie stunt driver Tony Hunt (you’ve likely seen his work).


Next-Level Shop Operations

What are some keys to running a successful shop? In this episode, learn from a pair of long-time friends who together operate a booming repair business specializing in diesel trucks. Then hear all about the fast-growing world of gaming – and how the iconic Ford F-150® truck is getting in on the action.


Women Driving Business

How is the 2021 all-electric Mustang Mach-E® SUV fast-forwarding us into the future? What’s the story behind the 2021 Bronco® Sport SUV racing to victory in the off-road Rebelle Rally? Meet the all-female teams in the driver’s seat for each of these feats as we talk shop and celebrate Women’s History Month.


Navigating the New Normal

What do auto repair professionals have to look forward to coming out of the pandemic? Get the outlook from Senior Economist and Director of Industry Insights at Cox Automotive. Plus, hear the Motorcraft® Sales Manager for the Central Region talk about what’s going on in the field.


Demystifying Diesel White Smoke

What’s the story with white smoke and diesel trucks? A Ford engineer and a PSN shop owner help clear the air – providing valuable tips and lessons along the way. Then we talk with the president of Ford Performance Racing School about the exciting “educational experiences” offered.


Retaining Skilled Techs

How is the growing shortage of skilled tradespeople affecting the world of auto repair? A contributing writer for Forbes and a leader at Ford discuss the issue. Then we catch up with the team who helped drive the Rocket League Ford F-150® truck from the gaming world into the real world.


Preparing for the EV Future

What does the evolution of electric vehicles (EVs) mean for the auto repair biz? A Ford Service Engineering Ops Director discusses how Ford is charging forward. And a big-time top fuel dragster then talks with us about everything from pulling 6Gs to recruiting techs to piloting an electric ride.


Recruiting Tomorrow’s Techs

Knowing what an in-demand skilled trade auto repair is, what can shops do to meet the challenge of recruiting new technicians? A Ford Service Technical Support Operations Manager talks about how and why Ford is being proactive. And we hear what two young auto repair tech program grads have to say about their training – and future.


Ep #24: Motorcraft Brake Service

This video discusses several critical service tips regarding brake pads, rotors and calipers and walks through the new brake fluid requirements you may not be fully aware of. High-level brake system service is crucial in today’s vehicle maintenance world. When selecting the right brake parts for the job, quality should not be overlooked. With Motorcraft brake parts, there is no question!


Ep #25: Motorcraft Diesel Service, Maintenance, & Diagnostics – EGR Coolers and Fuel Filter Service

This video provides several diesel service tips related to Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) coolers, their failure modes, and what can be done to help prevent such failures. Additionally, it covers many of the new technical features found within the diesel fuel filtration systems found on Ford third-generation diesel engines.