• Blade is designed, tested and validated by Ford engineers for a specific vehicle
  • Provides exceptional visibility under all conditions
    • Includes a built-in spoiler for efficient wiping regardless of the vehicle speed
    • A more compact wiper, providing a broader field of vision
    • A frost-proof, mono-black structure improves performance in very cold weather
  • Aerodynamic design provides a modern and attractive appearance which fits perfectly with the vehicle
  • A built-in spoiler along the complete length of the wiper prevents the wiper from lifting off of the windshield at high speeds
  • The aerodynamic design helps reduce noise by approximately 50% when compared with a conventional wiper blade
  • Greater adhesion to the windshield results in improved performance
    • Metal structure built into the rubber blade and is designed for a specific Ford vehicle
    • An optimal wipe is achieved through constant pressure being provided along the whole length of the blade
  • The OE blade is made to perfectly fit a specific vehicle arm connection making installation and removal easy


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