• Front-wheel driveshafts can be identified by the type of CV joints used on each end of the driveshafts. There are three basic types of inboard CV joints. Motorcraft offers a number of CV joints within these categories.

Motorcraft CV Plunge Joint

  • The inboard CV plunge joint changes the length of the drive axle to accommodate changing road conditions

Motorcraft Rzeppa and Tripod Joints (Double Offset)

  • The Rzeppa and Tripod joints are made into plunging-type joints, called double-offset joints, by elongating the grooves in the joint housing
  • The double-offset design is available as a complete unit only, with all parts matched
  • The tripod housing and boots are sold separately in most cases

Motorcraft Cross Groove Joint

  • The cross groove is a plunge joint that uses a cage, inner and outer races and a matched set of six balls
  • The cross groove joint is available as a complete unit only



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