Super Duty Brake Pad

Take on tough conditions for Ford and Lincoln vehicles

  • Proprietary formulas designed specifically for fleets, delivery vehicles, taxis and other severe duty applications to provide:
    • Maximum pad and rotor life
    • Fade resistance
    • Minimum noise
    • Uniform wear
  • Engineered to Ford specifications, with slots, chamfers and noise damping insulators included where required
  • Ready to install out of the box – all Motorcraft® Super Duty® pads include required hardware
  • Tested to the following stringent requirements:
    • Meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
    • Ford durability testing – urban and suburban traffic tests
    • Friction content and formulas are dynamometer tested
  • FMVSS testing evaluates stopping distance and fade from different speeds
    • At light loads and a maximum gross vehicle weight
    • At extreme brake temperatures with minimum recovery time between tests
    • Under partial system failure conditions such as loss of power assist
  • Ford durability testing evaluates friction performance
    • 2,000 miles of urban and suburban real-world braking
    • Must meet minimum wear, noise, dust and vibration requirements
  • Dynamometer testing
    • Laboratory evaluation of effects of temperature, speed, pressure, thermal history and water on friction level
  • Aftermarket manufacturers are not required to perform FMVSS tests and often rely only on dynamometer testing
  • Advanced backing plate
    • Patented design for increased bond strength with the friction material
    • Precision pad abutment points help reduce pad clatter and rattle
  • Beveled edges on the friction material (chamfers) help eliminate vibration for smooth stop
  • Slots cut into the pads help dissipate heat for longer life and reduced fade
  • “Ford Blue” powder coat finish for excellent corrosion protection


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