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A C Reman Compressor Loaded

Motorcraft® air-conditioning compressors are available as new or remanufactured as well as loaded or unloaded units.

  • New compressors are the same components that were installed in the vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line
  • Loaded compressors include:
    • Clutch pulley and coil for easy ordering (most assemblies are pre-charged with PAG refrigerant oil)
    • Pre-shimmed clutch/pulley assemblies to provide direct bolt-in installation
  • There are two types of new loaded compressors for Ford vehicles, depending on vehicle application:
    • Scroll-type for heavy-duty applications
      • Scroll design provides high volumetric efficiency and low power consumption
      • Unique 100% ball bearing design for smooth operation and low noise
      • Variable capacity helps reduce clutch cycling which contributes to longer clutch life
      • Variable capacity compressors also reduce variations in discharge air temperature
      • Forged aluminum scrolls contribute to the strength and durability of the scroll mechanism
    • Fixed swashplate (or FS-type) for applications requiring reduced NVH
      • Oil management technology within the compressor provides improved efficiency and helps contribute to improved fuel economy
      • Forged aluminum pistons and swashplates for durability
      • Heat-resistant Teflon® piston rings
      • Integral pulse-reduction design helps reduce NVH
      • Ball bearings are used instead of bushings to help with durability and reduced noise
    • Both types feature:
      • Hardened internal parts for durability
      • Internal parts micro-finished for efficiency
      • Dual center seams seals for excellent lead protection
      • Housing mounting bosses meet new vehicle OE specifications
      • Pulleys e-coated for corrosion resistance and a long-lasting finish



A Warranty as strong as our parts

Every warranty is for 2 years with unlimited mileage and includes labor. That's Motorcraft strong.

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