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A C Heater Core

Lightweight, Efficient and Durable

  • Engineered for the vehicle – ensures that connectors and mounts are all in the right spot for easy installation
  • Leak tests are often performed at pressures 3 to 4 times normal cooling system operating pressure to ensure integrity of the heater core
  • Tested in extreme vibration, temperature and humidity conditions; simulating real-world conditions helps ensure long life
  • These are the OE-spec parts

Tested for Optimum Performance and Long Life

  • Pressure decay and water-submersion leak tests ensure assembly integrity
  • Performance tests conducted to help ensure heater efficiency and core integrity over a wide range of air and coolant flow rates
  • Burst testing at pressures that significantly exceed normal system operating levels help ensure structural integrity
  • Pressure cycling test is conducted from 0 PSI to 50 PSI for a quarter million cycles
  • Internal and external corrosion testing exceeds American Society for Testing (ASTM) standards
  • Punishing thermal cycle testing subjects cores to temperature extremes from 40ºF to over 257ºF
  • Real-world in-car performance and durability testing is also conducted to ensure the Motorcraft product is just as good as the one that originally came with the vehicle


A Warranty as strong as our parts

Every warranty is for 2 years with unlimited mileage and includes labor. That's Motorcraft strong.

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