A C Evaporator

Minimum Restriction, Maximum Cooling

Like condensers, evaporators are heat exchange units. However, evaporators cool the air as it passes over the core’s cooling fins. Evaporators also reduce humidity by condensing moisture and removing it from the air as it is cooled.

  • Same parts that came on the vehicle from the factory
  • Space and weight efficient – sized to provide optimum performance
  • Premium aluminum construction
    • Resists corrosion and leaks
    • Core fins designed to maximize airflow and cooling
  • Designed to maximize moisture run-off and minimize odor
  • Easy installation – all brackets and fittings are positioned for easy, bolt-in service

Designed and Tested to Demanding Ford Specifications

  • Evaporators undergo a combination of component-level bench tests as well as subsystem and system/vehicle testing for validation
  • Rigorous performance testing ensures evaporator meets Ford’s demanding specifications
  • Core freeze-thaw cycling subjects the evaporator to more than 500 freeze/thaw cycles, ensuring integrity of the core
  • Corrosion resistance testing ensures evaporator’s structural integrity under highly corrosive conditions
  • Some additional evaporator-specific tests:
    • Water Shedding helps ensure evaporator sheds condensation quickly
    • Condensate Flyout ensures no condensation enters the passenger compartment through the registers


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