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  • Front-wheel driveshafts can be identified by the type of CV joints used on each end of the driveshafts. There are two basic types of outboard CV joints. Motorcraft offers a number of CV joints within these categories.

Motorcraft Rzeppa Fixed CV Joint

  • The Rzeppa, or ball-style joint, uses six balls positioned in a cage
  • Torque from the transaxle is transmitted through the inner race to the outer race by the balls
  • This joint comes only as a complete unit
  • It is used on almost every make and model of front-wheel-drive cars

Motorcraft Fixed Tripod Joint

  • The fixed tripod joint uses only three balls, mounted on needle bearings on a spider
  • These balls transmit torque from the spider to a housing, often called a “tulip” because of its shape



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