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Blower Motor Control Resistors

Speed Control for Your Fan

  • Blower motor control resistors restrict the voltage that goes to the blower motor to provide different fan speeds
  • Motorcraft control resistor assemblies are manufactured of premium-quality materials to strict Ford Engineering standards
  • These are the same parts that came on the vehicle from the factory
  • Application-specific to help aid installation

Extensive Testing Helps Ensure Durability and Function

  • Numerous real world and laboratory tests are conducted on each design
  • Each must pass a life cycle test that simulates 10 years/150,000 miles of use
  • Lab testing is conducted prior to any in-vehicle system tests and includes:
    • High and low temperature operation to validate performance at temperature extremes
    • Thermal cycle testing verifies performance in changing temperature conditions that may be encountered
    • Exposure to different environmental conditions such as shocks, vibrations, high humidity, water spray, dust and salt spray helps ensure function of the unit in conditions that may be encountered in normal use
    • Units are also tested to ensure there's no electromagnetic interference with other vehicle systems


A Warranty as strong as our parts

Every warranty is for 2 years with unlimited mileage and includes labor. That's Motorcraft strong.

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