Quality parts for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury braking systems

  • Exceed Friction Materials Standards Institute (FMSI) specifications
  • Feature comprehensive use of shims, slots and chamfers to reduce noise
  • Manufactured with vehicle-platform-specific friction formulas tuned for each vehicle application to help maintain high braking performance and increase durability
  • Each application has been on-vehicle tested to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) in stopping and fade performance, lining life, noise and wheel dust
  • Attaching hardware included where needed – complete package helps reduce installation time
  • Vehicle-specific and help reduce comebacks
  • Motorcraft® Super Duty® pads are available for severe service and fleet applications

The importance of shims, slots and chamfers


  • Stamped metal plates coated with sound damping materials improve noise abatement and vibration for the life of the pad
  • Placed on backside of backing plate to help reduce the vibrations that cause brakes to squeal


  • Vertical grooves cut in brake pads
  • Significantly reduce pad bending when heated in normal braking conditions
  • Reduce noise that can result from pads that have become concave
  • Reduce brake fade by providing passage for gases and dust to escape at high brake temperatures


  • Angled or beveled edges on the leading and trailing ends of the brake pads
  • Chamfers on leading edge of brake pads reduce digging into the rotor
  • Help eliminate stick/slip vibration, which causes brake noise