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Motorcraft® starter motor assemblies are built to fit Ford and Lincoln vehicles and are available in new or remanufactured versions to help meet your customers' needs.

New starter highlights include:

  • Mounting designs to maximize starter life and minimize cranking and overrun noise
  • High-output design reduces weight and uses less space under the hood than previous models
  • Tested as part of the vehicle development cycle
  • Same parts installed at the factory


Remanufactured Starter Highlights Include:

  • Remanufactured using strict quality processes
  • Tested using load specifications for its particular applications
  • All bushings, rollers, springs and caps are replaced with new components
  • Brushes are replaced where applicable
  • Armatures are inspected, straightened and balanced
  • Commutators are machined and tested for run out – replaced when necessary
  • Fully lubricated as necessary
  • Performance tested to meet original factory specifications

Tested tough:

  • Key life tested to the equivalent of 10 year/150,000 mile lifetime
  • Cold in-vehicle testing helps ensure performance in "real-world" environment
  • Performance tests for several key parameters help ensure starter meets Ford specifications for:

    • Free spin speed
    • Running and stall torque
    • Effects of temperature
    • No load durability


A Warranty as strong as our parts

Every warranty is for 2 years with unlimited mileage and includes labor. That's Motorcraft strong.

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