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Alternators N G L

The Motorcraft Advantage

  • 100% new units
  • No core charges
  • Extensive coverage including late-model vehicles
  • Part number consolidation provides greater coverage with less inventory
  • 2 year/Unlimited mileage warranty 

Alternator Features

  • Thorough testing of output current at idle and full-load RPMs
  • Premium grade WBD bearings
  • Over-voltage shutdown feature limits voltage if output terminal becomes disconnected from the battery
  • Open-sense shutdown feature shuts down alternator if sense terminal goes open
  • Load-dump protection feature helps protect the transistor from transient voltage spikes
  • Validation testing includes:

    • Endurance
    • Humidity
    • Power thermal cycling
    • Vibration
    • Salt spray
    • Thermal shock


A Warranty as strong as our parts

Every warranty is for 2 years with unlimited mileage and includes labor. That's Motorcraft strong.

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