A C Condenser

Minimum Restriction, Maximum Cooling

  • A/C condensers are heat exchange units that cool the hot, compressed refrigerant, changing it from a gas to a liquid. Some condenser assemblies include an integrated receiver dryer
  • Same parts that came on the vehicle from the factory
  • Space and weight efficient – sized to provide optimum performance
  • Premium aluminum construction
    • Resists corrosion and leaks
    • Maximizes refrigerant condensation for high heat transfer
  • Core and fins are designed for minimum build-up of airborne materials, allowing maximum performance
  • All brackets and fittings are where they should be for easy installation

Designed and Tested to Demanding Ford Specifications

  • Leak testing subjects the assembly to pressures that significantly exceed normal conditions
  • Stringent performance testing ensures condenser meets demanding heat-transfer and restriction specifications
  • Pressure durability and burst testing subjects the assembly to extremely high hydraulic pressures to ensure integrity of the core; over 1,200 PSI to pass the burst test
  • Vibration durability testing that simulates 20 year/300,000 mile service life
  • Thermal cycling subjects the condenser to temperature extremes from -40° F to over 250° F
  • Corrosion resistance test ensures condenser’s structural integrity is maintained in high corrosive conditions
  • Stone damage testing ensures the core’s resistance to debris that may be thrown up in real world driving conditions


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