Motorcraft® Wire Sets/Wiring Pigtail Kits

Motorcraft® offers wiring sets, wire splice tool kits, wire splice/shrink tubing kits and nearly 700 pigtail kits to help with electrical repairs on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. These are the only sets and kits recommended by Ford Motor Company. Highlights include

  • Available for the full line of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles
  • Pigtail kits include wiring pigtail, heat-shrink tubing and butt splices
  • Pigtails include the OE connector

Wiring Pigtail Kit ID Guide

Wire Sets

Heat-Shrink Tubing – Single Wall

  • Flexible, dependable electrical thermal insulation
  • Ideal for protection from mechanical abuse and strain relief for mechanical and electrical connections

Heat-Shrink Tubing – Dual Wall

  • Semi-rigid, dual-wall tubing
  • Protects against moisture, corrosion, mechanical abuse and chemical contaminants
  • Hot-melt adhesive in inner-wall lining melts and flows to fill voids and provide protection

Heat-Seal Butt Connectors

  • Easy to install and heat-shrinkable to create a flexible, impact-resistant sealed wire connection
  • Ideal for protection against corrosion for a variety of applications

Nylon Cable Ties

  • Tough, lightweight and easy to use
  • Perfect for bundling
  • Standard ties, heavy-duty lashing ties and mounting cable are all available in natural or black