Motorcraft® Ignition Coils

Motorcraft® ignition coils offer value without compromising quality. They are the right fit for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Highlights include:


  • Helps ensure proper engine performance, maximize fuel economy, minimize both tailpipe emissions and RFI electronic interference
  • Helps avoid spark plug failure, drivability complaints, pre-ignition and detonation 


Coil components deliver excellent performance. Highlights include:

  • Insulation 

           Multiple coats on the primary and secondary windings to ensure no internal arcing

  • Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Suppression 

           Minimize electronic noise

  • Magnets 

           Hold strength for the coil to maintain proper energy output

  • Steel

           Used in the lamination stack to ensure a consistent magnetic field needed to develop the required voltage

  • Coil Housing 

           Engineered to withstand extremes in temperature without cracking