Motorcraft® Exterior Lacquer Touch-Up Paints – 2-in-1 Brush-in-Tube/Pen Tip

  • Only Motorcraft® has the full line of quality, Ford-approved, exact-match, major-use exterior touch-up paints for use on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles
  • The air-dry, lacquer-based touch-up paint is ideal for retouching nicks, chips and scratches
  • The built-in, full-width agitator thoroughly mixes paint for exact color match
  • The label color on each tube of paint approximates the paint color
  • Each paint tube’s packaging also includes two user-friendly, unique applicators that make the product easy to use and control.

A pen tip for precise retouching of fine chips and scratches. The smooth, controlled tip can be used at various angles A tapered-tip brush for pinpoint or broad-stroke use. Can be used at any angle. The reinforced shaft of the brush is durable and narrow, allowing the paint to flow down the shaft to the brush with minimal dripping during application

  • Available in 0.5-fluid-oz. tubes
  • Due to their increased complexity, certain tri-coat colors require a two-step (separate basecoat and topcoat application) process in order to achieve an exact color match. As such, certain model year 2011 and forward tri-coat colors are packaged in Tricoat Kits (PMP-19K507-XXXXA parts, where XXXX is the color code). Each kit contains (1) 0.5-fluid-oz. tube of pearlescent topcoat, (1) 0.5-fluid-oz. tube of basecoat, and application instructions. 
  • Motorcraft® Lacquer Touch-up Paint – Primer, PMP-19500-1000 Use to prime bare metal prior to color coat application
  • Motorcraft® Lacquer Touch-up Paint – Clear Topcoat, PMP-19500-6000: Use to repair scratches, nicks, etc., which are only in the clear coat (i.e., not down to the color coat or metal)
  • Motorcraft® Lacquer Touch-up Paint – Charcoal, PMP-19500-6388G: Use to repair scratches, nicks, etc., in certain exterior trim. Check your vehicle for specific trim usage – it may be major or minor and it may be in more than one location. Examples of trim are as follows: fascia/cladding, bumpers, running boards, lower valence panels, spoilers, mirror housing, cowls, minor trim, handles.
  • All products meet Ford specification ESR-M2P100-C
  • For specific vehicle usage, reference the applicable model years in the annual Motorcraft® Touch-up Paints brochure or in the downloadable Paint Charts file

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