Rotors Drums
Rotors Drums

Precision engineered for smooth stops

  • Original equipment braking performance, designed specifically for each vehicle platform
  • Designed for optimal performance and cooler operating temperatures with care attention paid to:
    • Rotor plate thickness
    • Number and shape of cooling vanes
    • Mass of rotor
  • Dynamically mill-balanced helps provide vibration-free stops
  • Special finishing process produces a uniform braking surface for smooth stopping
  • Made from gray alloy iron that provides super heat transfer, vibration absorption, durability and extended life characteristics
  • Ready to use right out of the box, no machining required, no coatings to remove
  • Quality casting and finishing:
    • 30,000 PSI tensile strength cast iron
    • Meets Brinell hardness spec of 187-241
    • Dynamically balanced
    • Micro-finishing produces a uniform surface
  • Wheel studs included in the Unicast hub/rotor assemblies
  • Rotor cooling properties are matched to the vehicle
    • Plate thickness helps manage cooling as it transfers heat to the cooling vanes
    • Thicker plates help to reduce potential for warping, enhancing brake pad life


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