Motorcraft® Alternators (New or Remanufactured)

To help meet your customers’ needs, Motorcraft® alternators are available as new or remanufactured units.

Motorcraft® New Alternator Highlights Include:

  • Dual internal cooling fans provide reliability during extreme temperatures
  • Slip rings and brushes are designed for reduced wear to help provide longer service life
  • Remote battery voltage sensing helps improve voltage accuracy and extend battery life
  • Performance- and insulation-tested to 600 volts
  • Help provide your customers with reliable performance and long-term durability
  • Never reverse-engineered, which helps ensure proper fit and easier installation
  • Failure mode effect (FME) management diagnostics help provide early warning of potential system problems

Remanufactured Motorcraft® Alternator Highlights Include:

  • All OE innovations and upgrades are applied
  • Critical parts such as bearings are replaced with OE components
  • Performance- and insulation-tested to 600 volts, current output, cut-in-speed and high-temperature durability
  • Can be used in Ford-paid warranty repairs
  • Competitively priced and the right choice for older Ford, Lincoln and Mercury applications

Motorcraft® Remanufactured Alternators – the Smart Choice. Highlights include:

  • New OE Voltage Regulators
  • New OE Brushes
  • Stator – 100-percent insulation-tested to 600 volts
  • Rotor – 100-percent balance- and performance-tested to 600 volts
  • OE Design and Tolerances Help Provide the Right Fit the First Time
  • Housings – Unique cleaning process ensures excellent surface finish
  • Hardware – Cleaned and replated