Motorcraft® Compressors (New or Remanufactured, Loaded or Unloaded)


Motorcraft® air-conditioning compressors are available as new or remanufactured as well as loaded or unloaded units.

  • New compressors are the same components that were installed in the vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line
  • Loaded compressors include:
    • Clutch pulley and coil for easy ordering (most assemblies are pre-charged with PAG refrigerant oil)
    • Pre-shimmed clutch/pulley assemblies to provide direct bolt-in installation

Compressors designed to fit your customers’ needs. Highlights include:


AC Compressor Cutaway

  • Forged-Aluminum Pistons 
    For maximum life in low-lubrication, high-temperature conditions 

  • Tin-Coated Swashplates 
    For added strength and durability

  • Rubber-Dampened Clutch 
    To minimize clutch noise during engagement 

  • Pre-shimmed Clutch Assemblies 
    To help make installations easier on loaded compressors 

  • Dual Center-Seam Seals 
    For additional leak protection